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Residents and visitors across the Bellarine Peninsula will now have better access to community safety information thanks to a new website funded by the Victorian Government.

The bsafebellarine.com.au website allows residents and holiday makers to easily access information on a range of community safety topics including personal, road and beach safety as well as crime prevention tips.
It features live news feeds from a range of emergency services, such as Victoria Police and CFA and provides everyone with a one-stop shop for all community safety advice.
The Bellarine Community Safety Group was established by the Victorian Government in partnership with the local community to identify and develop community safety strategies for the Bellarine.
It is chaired by the Police Minister and Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Tess Walsh, and is made up representatives from local councils, community associations, service clubs and the Department of Justice and Regulation.

To access the BSafeBellarine website, go towww.bsafebellarine.com.au