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Does there exist a parking problem for ferry travellers, beach users and bowling club members? Possibly.
Bellarine Bayside has placed four hour parking restrictions on parking on the right hand side of the Portarlington pier, in front of Port Pier Café. Fair enough—this is a must for family beach users and visitors. To have this area opened up to all day parking for ferry travellers would be quite unfair.
There is, however, unrestricted parking on the left hand side of the pier, in what is called Henderson Reserve. This area is just as close to the pier entrance as the paved area in front of the Port Pier Café.
But….this is the area where members of the Portarlington Bowls Club and their visitors park their cars, and they have many, many vehicles parked their very often!
Now I’m told that Parks Victoria are quite happy to leave this arrangement as it is, and that any overflow of vehicles can park “up the hill” along The Esplanade behind the Senior Citizens and Parks Hall!
Now, there isn’t and abundance of spaces there, and it’s getting further and further away from the pier. And it’s OK walking down the hill, but it’s a bit of a climb returning up the hill, especially for those who might use mobility aids.
So….perhaps we can get Parks Victoria down from Melbourne to trial a few alternatives (they might be a little weary after they’ve had to park “up the hill”!
Couldn’t the area on the flat in front of and beyond the Bowls Club be extended and, perhaps, paved? Flat, close, more spaces and can share with bowler/visitors.