Bellarine Agriculture Show. Portarlington Reserve 10th March 2019

A free community newspaper circulating in Portarlington, Indented Head and St. Leonards, Victoria, Australia

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2000 copies of the Port Report are produced and delivered in Portarlington during the third week of every month. A limited number of copies are also available at most business houses in Portarlington, Indented Head and St.Leonards. A FULL electronic version (in PDF format approximately 3meg.) is available on request at:- ecopy@portarlingtonoz.com






We Need Your HELP

The Port Report, your only truly LOCAL Community Newspaper, has recently completed it's 300th edition. First published in December 1991, it will soon be celebrating its 30th Anniversary. With this in mind the committee have acknowledged that perhaps its time to re-shape, re-vamp and have a look at what we do. We ask ourselves 'what's the relevance' of a community newspaper with all the social media of today.

We at the Port Report strongly believe there is still a need for the printed word. We publish 2000 copies each month and within days you are pressed to find a copy around town. Many of our community groups and clubs don't have access to the internet or aren't computer 'savvy' therefore a printed copy of the Port Report is their only means of getting their 'word' out.

Over the summer months the committee have been busy identifying all the organisations, sporting clubs and community groups in the area. These groups have all received an email asking that they consider contributing/submitting articles of interest that may attract new members or inform the community of coming events. The two major representative groups in Portarlington, the Business Development Association and the Community Association, has also been asked to consider submitting information that may benefit and inform the entire community of events that may affect them.

(An informed community is a happy, healthy community).

Along with more content (hopefully) comes more pages which in turn, will require more advertising.

That leads to another conundrum. 

Do we print in colour?

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What do you want your LOCAL community newspaper to look like? Please let us know at newlook@portarlingtonoz.com