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2200 copies of the Port Report are produced and delivered in Portarlington during the third week of every month. A limited number of copies are also available at most business houses in Portarlington, Indented Head and St.Leonards. A FULL electronic version (in PDF format approximately 3meg.) is available on request at:- ecopy@portarlingtonoz.com




28 - 6 - 10 = 12

In Portarlington’s Safe Harbour there are 28 Moorings available; 6 reserved for Short Term (48 hours); 10 Occupied;


The Port Report has spoken to 5 boat owners who have approached Parks Victoria about leasing berths, only to be told that….. "we haven't made a decision yet". The type of vessels that these people have are not the average 'tinnie' which can be launched at any of the North Bellarine boat ramps. They are substantial sized craft that require sizeable, protected moorings. They can only enhance the aspect of the harbour. They are owned by people who either live on the North Bellarine or are property owners who come to our area hoping to enjoy boating activities in their leisure time. We expect that there have been many more enquiries as to the availability of these vacant berths.

So….when will “decisions” be made? Surely the Parks Victoria public servants can rally and serve these frustrated public boat owners? It’s why we pay them, isn’t it? ASAP we say!

(The Port Report lays no criticism on our Bellarine Bayside in this matter. In fact, take a peek at their website and find our what our local folks are responsible for, and what activities they are undertaking. info@bellarinebayside.com.au  An extensive list you’ll find!  Ed.)


We are very thrilled to be able to announce that the first stage of our Capital Works upgrade is open for our children.
The process itself is very complex and has taken a long time. We appointed our architects in November 2014. During 2014, we sought ideas and opinions from our school community (children, families and staff) and the wider Portarlington community about the vision for our new school.

These ideas helped us to build a picture of what Portarlington’s ‘forever’ school might look like. John and Eriks from Patrick Architects listened, created, listened some more, modified the concepts, listened again and they have been extremely professional with everything that they have been doing.  We have been very fortunate to have the amazing team from Patrick Architects design our school.

Our Journey

It was important to everyone that we respected the past as well provided a 21st century educational facility for the current and future children of our community. The original concept designs took into account-

  • Portarlington as a seaside village with a rich history including fishing, boating, aquaculture and the indigenous significance of our local area.
  • The importance of the bay and location of the school in relation to the water.
  • Ensuring that our school connected to our local community and the heart of our town.
  • The importance of our fruit and vegetable garden and our environmental programs.
  • The location on the site was selected so that our learning spaces-
  • could be built with little or no disruption to the children’s learning
  • connect to the fruit and vegetable garden with an outside learning area and studio to provide an optimal environment for ‘paddock to plate’ cooking, science and the arts
  • overlook the bay to the picturesque You Yang hills
  • ensure that the historical building can be viewed from all streets surrounding our school as a symbol of pride in our history.

The historical building will be refurbished and the old buildings will be demolished this term. The grounds will be landscaped with concrete pathways and new plantings. A play oval will be constructed adjacent to Fisher Street.  

Thank you to everyone in our community for your patience. Our new school has certainly been worth the wait.

These are very exciting for our beautiful seaside village and our school.

Lesley-Ann Allbutt   Principal











Club Champion

Any community based group which has the services of a jack-of-all-trades volunteer count itself really fortunate. If it has the services of more than one it’s more than extremely lucky!
The Portarlington Football/Netball Club has had the services of Rod Smith for more than forty years!
Rod commenced his volunteering services at the club when he was little more than a “tacker”. He learnt just about all there is to know about those tasks required to successfully run a large organization.
Here’s some of Rod’s “duties” which he has carried out in the past and/or currently offers—home game 6.00 am start, put bins out, open up rooms, placing all equipment in the correct places, helping trainers, setting up water runners, umpire escort, stocking up cool room, run the bar, then….many of those things in reverse order at the end of the day or on Sunday morning.
Throughout his week there are nearly as many jobs to do on training nights.
He also is a volunteer driver for Bellarine Community Health
In his “spare” time (off-season) Rod travels to Bali for some R&R, as well as offering his services to orphanages on the island.
He thinks he’s fortunate to have the opportunity to volunteer at the club! Our community is forever grateful for his services, and of those who volunteer within other community groups.
We are fortunate to have so many!
In recognition of his fine service to the Portarlington Football/Netball Club Rod has been awarded the Outstanding Community Award from the Portarlington Business Development Association.

Couldn’t think of a more deserving volunteer!

Congratulations Smithy

Parking Problems ? Perhaps

Does there exist a parking problem for ferry travellers, beach users and bowling club members? Possibly.

Bellarine Community Safety Group

Residents and visitors across the Bellarine Peninsula will now have better access to community safety information thanks to a new website funded by the Victorian Government.